The ancient Egyptian recipe „Mummification of life“

The ancient Egyptian recipe

This recipe is old more than 4000 years! It was called „the body balm“ or „mummification of life“.

You will need:

– 0.5 liter 80-90 % alcohol
– 20-40 g of raw propolis
– A handful of almonds
– A clean bottle about 0.7 liters, which will be used to the preparation of the potion
– A clean bottle about 1 liter, in which the finished potion will dilute

Into the clean bottle about 0.7 liters put propolis, almonds and pour alcohol. Thereafter stopper the bottle very well. The mixture let steep for two months. Occasionally is good to turn the bottle upside down and back so that the mixture was mixed. After two months filter the finished potion. First use a sifter and then a fine, but permeable, linen. This way the potion is cleaned. Prepare the clean 1 liter bottle, into that put 0.5 liter of boiled water. When this water will be cold, add the cleaned potion and everything mix very well. This way was prepared the 1 liter of the potion with content of alcohol about 40-45 %. Serve 25 ml (small jigger) in the evening before bedtime. Repeat it at least 3 times a year. This liquor acts like a body filler.

WARNING !! 80% alcohol is highly explosive (including fumes). We assume no responsibility for improper handling! Don‘t consume alcohol about 80% and more! Using this recipe will create an alcoholic beverage. Meet the laws of your country and find out if it is allowed the production of alcoholic beverages and consistent with the laws!

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