cats - The Grand Mystical Lodge

Cats have been among people for thousands of years. But they were viewed differently in the past. Most famous is Egypt – cats were treated almost like a goddess, because they were considered as helpers of the Bastet goddess who was displayed with a cat’s head. It was quite similar (and still is) for Islam. Mohammed was accompanied by a cat called Muezza – she supposedly save his life and even today, cats are only animal considered as “clean” in Islam. But it was completely different in Christianity during witch trials – cat was considered as a companion of the devil and they were ordinarily burned along with “witches” or even alone. During that period, cats were almost exterminated throughout Europe.

And to this day there are many rumours concerning cats – they can bring happiness to a home, luck, (but also bad luck when they cross your path – in some places it is a black cat, in other places a white cat), they can sense energy zones or even take over a disease from their owners…

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