Energy nutrition

Energy nutrition, GML
Do you know that it is possible to stop eating physical food and be fully nourished by energy? This energy can be called differently – Prana, Čchi, Ki, Mana etc. If you haven’t heard anything regarding this phenomen you must think that that it is impossible. But don’t forget that our way of thinking is set by our lifestyle, by the consumer world in which we were raised. E.g. for people in India who practice asceticism it is quite normal to eat just a little or not even eat at all. Also for Indian people it is not something new as it is for us. Nowadays or even decades ago doctors examined and watched a few people who are able to live only from energy (e.g. they didn’t eat for years) – they were not able to find out how this is possible, but the examined subject was under 24/7 surveillance, didn’t eat and still was absolutelly fit. If you want to know more, you can find a lot of information on this topic on the internet.