The Secret of Life

 post The Secret of Life, The Grand Mystical Lodge

All over the world we can find mysterious stone menhirs, statues and pillars. They appear in traditions and stories which speak about them as living things. The Jewish Rabbis knew the secret of how to revive a stone to serve them, of which there is quite a lot of evidence. The Jewish tradition has maintained in the Gemara book warning against “Jadaa” a plant which wandered through a desert, by its size and shape it resembled a human and was very dangerous. Kabbalah describes these “creatures” as living creatures through “Ruach haadama” – Breath of the Ground. While a human lives thanks to the Breath of God. Even pagan traditions speak about trees, old stumps or stone menhirs as if they were something alive, something that is worthy of respect and understanding. Nowadays it may look weird because for us they are just cold stones that emit a special energy. Science examined one of the great menhirs in our region in Europe and found out that at the time of the solstice the magnetic field around this stone is changing. But it lacks the magic – the connection with the power from elsewhere, the present manifest of the God! The world which was here and which will be here again, will be full of magic, full of strange creatures and gods. It will certainly be very interesting. The question is, where will human beings belong in all of this? What will happen to humans?