Black Moon Ritual,  June 27th 2014

Black Moon Ritual,  June 27th 2014

Today, on June 27th 2014 the black moon is occurring in the sign of Cancer.

The summer season is ideal for black moon rituals. Nights are not so cold, so you can hold the ritual directly outdoors under the black moon. Find a quiet place in the countryside, a hill or a glade, where you will be able to directly surrender yourself to the moon and where you will be in the closest contact with it. Bow down, kneel down and give homage to the moon as well as the elements of earth and air, which will always be present at your rituals without your intervention. Then lie on your back, spread your arms and relax. You can look at the moon or keep your eyes closed.

Lose yourself in the present and clear your mind of everyday worries which make you anxious or stressed. Pay attention to how the moon affects you and observe your thoughts which come spontaneously.

After some time when you connect with the power of the moon, you can try to make a wish in the meaning of your thoughts.

Mind your health and make sure you don’t catch a cold during the ritual.