Strange signs

Strange signs

The world is enchanted by Templar messages and their symbolism with hidden paths to incredible treasures, or the knowledge that could change the fundamentals of everything.

After the violent abolition of Templar orders, Masonic orders began to emerge, claiming that they build on the knowledge of the Templars – and immediately everything around them is connected with mysterious symbols. But anyone – who saw a Masonic ritual, their temples and the altars, immediately knows that it is all fundamentally different from Templar symbolism and meaning mentality of its use. I wouldn’t be afraid to call the Masonic lodges a pretentious mix of everything that was in their hands at the time. Of course, there was also a serious warning – Masonry was developed five centuries after the abolition of the Templar orders, at a time when the world was hungrily devouring everything mystical and mysterious. Therefore, I would like to leave the idea of Masonic temple followers as well as the old Templar secrets.

The later development of Christian churches brought us completely different but the secrets were no smaller. It is a symbolism left for the eyes of all of us, completely different from the Templar and Masonic. These are messages for bright people with sufficient overview and self-judgment, which is very close to discovering the hidden truth. The most mysterious thing is that the church itself ignores these signs. Even if they deliberately boast with them, even though they are totally contrary to their own holy teachings – and if you walked in, with such a sign that adorns their cathedral, you would be immediately expelled.

It’s a mystery far greater than whether Jesus had a family or not. Since Jesus was nothing more than an ancient marketing ploy, but these mysterious signs have been waiting for us until today and really tell us something. Something that is still there and is waiting to be discovered…

You can find this article in the new Illuminati Journal (06/2014):