Better Chronos than Kairos?

Better Chronos than Kairos?

It’s not just about the Jewish Torah, which calculates life expectancy of men up to the age of 900 years. According to various archaeological findings, historians really confirmed that the progenitor of the Hebrews went through a time period that can span up to a thousand years. They obtained evidence according to existing urban areas and battles at that time in which Abraham was found. These events have been preserved in the records of each area.

As I mentioned, it’s not just about the Hebrew nation. The basic principle of Lamaism, as well as other ancient traditions speak of gods, basically in human form – because they lived unbelievably long and observed deep wisdom across generations.

To fact that we suffer from diseases, we age and eventually die, is the result of sin and imperfection – this is what the tradition of the Jews tells us, Kabbalah. We do not know exactly what is meant by that. The word “sin” we know only from the Christian concept which is false and fabricated. There could be a lot of features by which the imaginary Adam – the first man – sinned. Today, there are many people in the world who are nourished by prana. They do not accept food as others. They don’t eat, and need very little sleep. They do not suffer from diseases. What was the first sin of Adam? The Torah says that he tasted an apple from the tree of knowledge. What if it wasn’t a symbolic apple, but really a reference to the fact that people started to use food differently than they should have. They began to nourish with physical food, which were not natural for them at all. After all – the god fed the Jews with manna in the Sinai desert. Hindu monks also do not accept food. But this is only one of the fragments of the whole magic of the so-called “sin”.

Another of our great sin was that we began to measure our own time. Today we use Chronos for this designation. We measure every glimpse of our time. There is evidence that we have even learned to sub-consciously count down the beating of our heart.

Previously it was not like that – people lived in the Garden of Paradise. Obviously, this is just a synonym. But what is clear is that people at the time lived in the time called Kairos. Which means at a time, when there was the right, suitable time for everything. In fact, we could say – people lived according to God! Death had to therefore come only after God decided so. People were not expecting death like they do today, they did not count down those “days of life”.

Do you think it is absurd?

Long ago science proved that human can live essentially indefinitely. Strictly speaking – for science it is a big problem to explain why we get older! This is also confirmed by for example the work of Medicine Professor Tom Kirkwood. The cells have an infinite ability to regenerate. It’s not happening today as it should, which mean completely different and unknown causes.

Someone simply decided that a human will die and our body intuitively comes forward to this fact. Even placebo, homeopathy and other similar psychological supports only work with our body in a way that they set it to “a healing phase”. I would venture to deduce a bold idea from that – wasn’t it finally a human himself who decided to be so terribly deadly? There would be more than enough evidence – if you look at the stories of today’s very old people, they match in one thing – they did not really have time to think about the passing of years. They were constantly “on the go”. Yes, there is still something missing – the dream centuries. But it may be your journey of discovering the secrets of time called Kairos. The time that is not measured by a stopwatch, but it comes slowly for a reason and cause.