Illuminati versus masons

Illuminati versus masons

It is our greatest responsibility to fight daily against the joining of the Illuminati and masons. Due to the major errors of several ignorant people, who also move in the media scene, one of the worst informational mistakes was created in esoteric, theology and religious studies. The saddest thing of all is that these errors do not appear in professional literature, as is the usual case, but in fictional novels, which no one should believe in and give them the confidence – but the opposite is true. Why do people do that, even on a massive scale, is a mystery of the greatest revelation of the truth about humans and our civilisation.

It is important for us to correct these errors because we are the lodge of the Illuminati, and to be associated with the Masonic tradition is the same, as if we were labelled as the purveyors of modern Nazism and slave mode – despite the fact that our activity is obviously completely reversed.

We should probably start with the question why the writers of novels confuse Illuminati and masons – we believe that it is a targeted fight against Christians, especially the Catholic Church, which is common for us. Christianity rooted false and wrong premises, foundations of behaviour, perception, reaction to stimuli, and many serious religious errors in all of us. Christianity defined the evil that is now a living reality. It created all the demons and devils, it named and filled them by all activities. And all that in a very wide concept range. A fight against such things is natural from the principle of the struggle against slavery and evil. But why would this connection combine the Illuminati and masons? Is every baker a chimney-sweep because their main enemy is a clogged chimney? Is every farmer a hunter, because their enemy are rabbits and other pests? To join the Illuminati and the masons, because they fight against the Christian scheme, is evidence of the limitation and desire to produce fantastic and well-marketable lies! The fundamental difference between us and the masons is in the question: “What next?”

Look at masonry – masonry is actually the same as Christianity. There is an order, the ritual traditions, hierarchy, religious dogma – a set of regulations, procedures, etc. It is the same system built in a Christian spirit; a system of people who would love to be in charge instead of others. It’s like replacing one limited and brutal dictator for another, who promises to be better and proves it by the identical way of the previous dictators. Always bear in mind that people grew out of one tradition, from one cultural plane, they are essentially the same. They will worship mammon, power, they will jockey behind the scenes and ride on decent individuals. In addition, by their efforts to connect to top politics, associating key people and processes that have been identified by for example the Propaganda Due scandal, the masons proved that their way – the way of masonic visions of the world order, is the way of hard dressage and slavery led by grossest criminal practices.

Perhaps at this point you already understand that it must be a priority for every organisation, including the Illuminati, to fight and correct any potential, albeit fictional, connection with the Masonic community.

It is suitable to ask ourselves – Illuminati – the identical question. Once Christianity falls as a world power and premise, dogma of system order, what then? How would the Illuminati solve this question?

Let me quote one of the most important personalities of esoteric and hermetic – Prof. h. c. Herm. Dr. Otakar Griese 1881 – 1932,  (Université Libre des Hautes Etudes in Paris). He speaks to novices who are interested in joining the Illuminati: “A person is capable only if they do not close their hearing before lamenting the poor, who do not close their heart to compassion and mercy, who is a friend and brother of an unfortunate individual, who shows bravery in adversity, who works tirelessly on any started good thing, who is fearless in overcoming difficulties and any karmic wounds, who does not laugh at weak, but if possible, assist them everywhere, who uses every opportunity for self-improvement and spiritual enlightenment, who elevates over all manner of baseness and work on their moralisation.”

And we add to that – the right Illuminist knows that the basis for any world order is equality among people. In this world there is enough energy, enough food, enough decent quality housing and opportunities for personal development for everybody! Anyone who tells you otherwise is a paid instigator of today’s bourgeoisie, today’s rulers and slave owners, who spend billions from our taxes on similar disinformation campaigns for stupid people without their own opinion! – The warmest equatorial zones of the world can produce so much energy from solar radiation that it could supply two planets such as Earth for free. Tropical climates have enough food production in a controlled environment thanks to ground water to feed several of today’s population. All it needs in these areas are energy and technology. And we could continue in this list. Why is it happening? The answer is simple – Who would endow such projects and development? Money and power is concentrated in people who from day-to-day would not do anything and would not mean anything. And because these people do not really have anything else – no personal advantages – it is certain that any fight against them is impossible and unacceptable. It would be just a stupid suicidal massacre without meaning. Fighting against the bastards capable of anything. Despite that a change will happen – through the Illuminati! The Illuminati are a silent force understanding the world. Understanding the divine, cosmic emanation which is always capable to create fully functional and a perfect system from billions of coincidences. A human does not need to invent anything! The world of the future is already prepared for us and it really is in the way as it is predicted and depicted in particular, better understandable allegory, by all primary nations. We do not have to build it, we don’t need to ask questions of how it will look and how it will work. No need to calculate or dogmatise anything. The only importance is to direct to it. By thoughts, effort, work on the things that make the advent of this world justifiable. It is understandable that today every order, every country, every academia, is going to stand up against this – they are billions of system officials, billions of people, who cannot imagine a world where they would not be served everything in a well-defined little box and with a manual in ten languages ​​and vivid depiction. The mission of the Illuminati is to convince people, how viable such an idea is. The strength of the Illuminati is the faith in good, ability, true mission, and respect for anyone who doesn’t cause injustice to others. Without distinction of religion, without the fact whether we are black or white. By building personal strengths we remove the evil of dull people from the world. Because evil comes from the inability, from non-fulfilment of our own existence, mental disorders built in childhood in the wrong and ridiculous hierarchy. There is just so very slight, self-centred, deliberate and pure evil that it means nothing! Everything else only looks like evil, it is only understandable cause – people’s impairment in the evil system. It’s a simple infection. At the moment, when these people are be given the option of self-realisation and fulfilment of another fruitful and constructive way, they would never do anything bad to others!

It is only the evil system that must be treated as a mentally disturbed patient. For the world of tomorrow, through Illuminati.

I hope that our explanation is sufficient to express the fundamental and diametrically opposed principles of Illuminati and masonry.

We would like to bring you even more ideas of the philosophy of Illuminati and gradually we will pay attention to direct themes of this enlightened movement that does not need to fight against anything, to arm and weave dishonest intrigues in the background of the world, and yet it perfectly and fully enforce its vision! Who is interested in this path to the tomorrow of the world, please watch our channel – The Grand Mystical Lodge, in the section Illuminati’s philosophy.

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