About us

The Grand Mystical LodgeThe Grand Mystical Lodge is an international project which aims to create a global community of people who are interested in spirituality and mysticism in a wide range of meaning. The purpose and mission of the project is the personal and also collective development of members, particulary the extension of knowledge, abstract perception skills, artistic sensibility, understanding of social diversity in religious and spiritual range. The intention is to establish an international community to exchange experiences and to create a platform for future development of the project.

At the beginning, The Grand Mystical Lodge offers readers experiences from our lodge, which has co-existed since 2004 in the heart of Europe. We continue to work and use our colleagues sources, who have experimented and educated themselves in esoteric and occult traditions for more than 100 years ago. We have several entirely unique materials, ancient occult practices, manufacturing processes as well as our own practice. We issued for the public 12 occult and esoteric books. Some of them have not been published in the world yet, as Grimoire Smrzovka dating from 1496. We also created an entirely unique handicraft bibliophilies like color printed CLAVICULA SALOMONIS with beautiful illustrated fonts or unrepeatable Marduk’s diary – true occult diary created by still living experimental scholar. We offer you stories and materials that lead to enlightenment: some in a direct way, others with progressive education, but also with hidden mystery.

Please invite your active friends and colleagues. If you help us to expand our project to a sufficient size, we will bring you interesting competition with unique prices as well as creating other interesting offers.