The seductive eyes of the devil

The seductive eyes of the devil

Who are the seductive eyes of the devil for?  The Church of Christ warns that the devil has seductive eyes, a lying voice and astute mind. It warns that the devil’s temptation cannot be resisted, if one gives them a chance. But – what does the terrible devil approach in us that we sink into his temptations? It’s a lewd, ugly and a lying beast. Unless – oh no, it’s too presumptuous! For a moment I wondered whether the devil is not just a portrait of its creators …

Guard your secrets!

Guard your secrets!

Science writes astronomical amounts for those who are convinced of the existence of the supernatural. But what is actually the true meaning of these deliberately provocative offers?

Already in the early years of the 20th century, devices that are supposed to help uncover the world beyond material existence, began to construct. Sophisticated recording technology is produced, special photographic processes are used. The mystical Horev club experimented the most with these inventions. It was a club which combined several strange factors. For example, it was a specific emulsion for coating photographic plates, special lenses filters, of course there was also the timing of exact astral time and very debilitating preparation of people, who participated evocations and ancillary works, was common. The results were really unique – photos of a human aura, spherical creatures, spiritual existence, or even a kind of “window” through the gap of time and matter. Such experiments were carried out and are still carried out in many occult lodges, completely out of the public eye, even outside access of ordinary members. You will never see books, propositions, publications from this experimental activity. We could say that the world is ready to accept such things – but the opposite is true. Nowadays, keeping secrets is much more important than it has ever been. And the reasons? Just look at what is happening with all alternative treatments and medications. If multinational pharmaceutical corporations cannot grab them for themselves, they will be outlawed through political lobbying. This is the work of official science. What cannot be monetised by science itself, controlled or at least heavily taxed, will not exist in the world at all!

So if you find any secrets – treasure it! Rudely and selfishly keep it to yourself. Without any remorse, without shame! That’s the only way it will survive and will accompany you to the end of life.



Do you believe in the Devil? In the creation of deceptions, hatreds, delusions? In something so strong that it equals angels? Or you just don’t care and say that it was made up by a silly Christian Church? Do you know how the initial egregores were made? In the time when the world was inhabited by the first souls, the sky was clear as alabaster. Then a thunder rumbled, lightning struck and the first god obtained its form. Time went on and the god got a name. People created it from clay, carved it into stone, built a sacred place for it. Then the god really came into their homes. Time flew over millennia and someone had an idea to sanctify a martyr into a god. And directly with a cross – an instrument of a slow death. Fools said – behold this is sacred and this will be the devil. And thousands of people began to keep the devil in their heads. They painted him on canvas, created him out of clay, gave him names. And the devil born from lies, the world’s largest deception and evil came into the world…

Experimental occult ritual – the Santo demon

On the 23rd of January 2014, a unique experiment of the Santo demon ritual evocation was held in the heart of Europe at The Grand Mystical Lodge. The operation lasted from 5:00 pm until 10:00 pm.

It was attended by five senior members of the lodge and at the end of the operation the very head of our order came to support us. A total of five men and one woman (the Head of our order is a woman). The average age of the participants is 30 years.

 The operation consisted of several separate works:

1) creation of a complex magical lamen – sigil – by an automatic drawing
2) the development of a dense smoke medium in an enclosed ritual glass jug
3) fire ritual associated with the demon lamen
4) releasing the smoke medium and analysis of the imprint left on the glass

You can view the results with us:

– The spontaneous automatic drawing of the lamen (sigil, character) took a few hours. During this operation, we had various discussions, on the table were candles lit and smouldering pieces of sandalwood.

Experimental occult ritual - the Santo demon

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Guild of Demonology

Guild of Demonology
From antiquity there are stories about strange individuals who bring exceptional knowledge and skills. Abilities that are beyond human understanding. Crafts, natural knowledge or talent to form odd shapes and signs, all conducted with such perfection that it borders with miracles. The Mother of Sins (Christian Church) out of fear that such knowledge can proceed to humans which will kill most of missionary privileges, have tagged all of these “gifts from elsewhere” as a manifestation of evil and devil. The Mother of Sins defined demonology in its initial form. And showed us which way to go …


BifroGrimoire Lakatron tells the story about a Necromant who outwitted time and became a master of many people’s fate. He came from a desert settlement of ancient Babylonia and his love was great arthropods. Especially scorpions and spiders. He experimented with their poisons and brewed repulsive potions from spider cocoons. Then he tested the poisons on pilgrims who visited the well in his native village. However, as he started the aging process he began to get a horrible feeling that he wouldn´t manage to perfect his efforts and was overcome with panic. With several creepy and perverted experiments he was able to find his way to Death. Not the one that naturally follows humans from birth but to Death as to the basic principle of nature and the universe. It is written that the Death noticed the strange Necromant itself and became impressed by him. Eventually they drew up a contract together which said that the Necromant will be able to go step by step beside her and thus becomes the master of his own time which he overtakes and escapes forever. He became immortal and received infinite days to deepen his curious taste. His name is Bifro and nowadays mages summon him and ask him for help, because he knows almost everything about death as well as all the important things between heaven and earth. Nevertheless his soul is afflicted with a strange sadness. Sometimes you can find him wandering along cemeteries and lighting candles on graves. He looks like a very sad and decrepit old man, though mages see him as much more scary …

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