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Lughnasadh is the next of the most important Celtic festivals, which is celebrated on August 1st. This festival marks the beginning of the harvest, celebrates the abundance of nature and the generosity of Mother Earth.

Celebrations can hold on high hills, at sacred trees and wells or at other important natural formations. During Lughnasadh people invoke and worship the Pagan divinities and ask them to protect ripening crops.

It is a time of races, horse races, dances and various contests of strenght and skill. It is a good time for weddings.

To honor the harvest is baked pie from berries.

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Giant Castle

Giant Castle, The Grand Mystical Lodge

They call it the Giant castle. An ancient fortification on the top of a hill high about a kilometre above the sea level. According to science this castle was built by the Celts. Interestingly, science wasn’t able to find out a single shred of evidence of any settlement there. Therefore, the scientists developed a hypothesis that it was just a place of ritual. The thing is the Celts didn’t build such places, never mind building them on a top of a hill and all the hard work by fortifying them with h stone walls. People who know the Celtic‘s attitudes towards god worshipping, also had to have a big laugh about the scientific hypothesis. What should science do when legends say that the Giant castle is occupied by giants who throw stones down the hill? And what is worse – stones actually really do fall down from the hills. Big hundred-kilo boulders fall in a large amounts. According to the scientists it is the tourists causing the stones fall. Science can be sometimes really funny, but what they completely overlooked, as if it didn’t exist, are the small stone trolls which appear throughout the place. One decade ago there were none – I went through this place several times myself. Today, there are dozens of them. As if something has been slowly but surely coming to us…

Imbolc 1st – 2nd February


Imbolc is a very important feast. The goddess Brigit comes back to people and gives them strength for the New Year. Let’s not forget that Celts, same as the Jews and other ancient cultures do not have a clearly defined beginning and end of the year. Such thinking was imposed to us by artificially created Christianity. Within old cultures, we could talk about several beginnings of important periods in the annual cycle of the planet.  The feast of Imbolc is one of those beginnings. With the advent of Brigit, nature awakens. Every living creature has a duty to honour the arrival of the goddess, whether it ´s the birds in the trees, deer in the woods or beasts in their lairs. Humans honoured her arrival by the ritual of “First tillage”. This tillage was performed by the “king” of the village. He harnessed white horses or oxen and plowed the first furrow into which people put in their various small items as gifts. At this time, druids also walked around the forests and checked the status of their wells. Everybody began with cleaning and preparation for the new season, when it was necessary to plant, nurture and harvest. Today we do not live as our ancestors did. Although the feast of Imbolc is equally important for us. It shows us the basic principles of the order of natural. The only moral principle of nature, where there are no false pretences and it cannot be doubted. The cycle of birth, work, fruits and death, after which in the entire universe the beginning of a new cycle follows. Let’s honour these principles on the feast of Imbolc, which are the highest and only God of every elementary particles of a matter, which indiscriminately constitute the entire universe.