The seductive eyes of the devil

The seductive eyes of the devil

Who are the seductive eyes of the devil for?  The Church of Christ warns that the devil has seductive eyes, a lying voice and astute mind. It warns that the devil’s temptation cannot be resisted, if one gives them a chance. But – what does the terrible devil approach in us that we sink into his temptations? It’s a lewd, ugly and a lying beast. Unless – oh no, it’s too presumptuous! For a moment I wondered whether the devil is not just a portrait of its creators …

Devil’s ravine

Devil's ravine

When Christianity was killing the old traditions, it was unable to cope with a variety of very mystical places that were found throughout the world. In the middle of Europe, the concentration of these places is really great. Christians were killing old traditions by tearing down places of sacrifice, standing stones, cutting down pilgrimage trees and druid groves. Because people naturally continued to gather in these places, the Christians built there their ill idols of the bloody cross. They were building churches and chapels without shame on bones and bloody ground. But there are also other mysterious places where huge castles had to be built, concluding “the passages to hell”. But in some countries there is so many of these mysterious places that there was not enough resources to hide them all under tons of rocks. Therefore, the Christian Church had to build the entire system of deterrent legends, twisting the old traditions. Forests suddenly were full of devil ravines, devil rocks and hell gorges. Anyone who was caught in these places, was subjected to prison, torture and inquisitorial processes. Today, in the heart of Europe the Church of Christ is almost dead. People no longer want a false prophet who brought only pain and wars into the world. And now we can again visit the places that were associated with ancient tradition. We need to understand when to visit them and learn to listen to the quiet stream of ideas that can be found there. It gives us all a new beginning, unveiling ancient secrets and building a future world for our children.