The day of the goddess Frigga

The day of the goddess Frigga

May 27 is a day dedicated to the goddess Frigga, who was the wise wife of Odin. She is a patron of the home and married women, she helps to maintain social order and watches over women’s magic. She is linked to nature and the cycle of life and death.

Give thanks to one of the great Mother Goddesses for the health of family, children and the whole tribe. Enjoy and rejoice in the beautiful spring weather and warmth. Celebrate the wonders of spring, a time full of love, life and joy.

During the current celebrations in honor of Frigga, people sacrifice mead, wine or beer, instead of the ritual killing of an animal. This event is a ritual family celebration, which takes place outdoors and consists of three parts – the consecration of the sacrifice, the offering of the sacrifice to the goddess, and the libation. Mistletoe or linden tree branches with berries are used for decoration.

Relatives and acquaintances, who participate in this occasion, renew bonds of friendship and loyalty. During the feast people drink the best mead, beer or apple cider. They eat ox or boar from the spit, bread, grain products, apples and other products of the earth. It adheres to the rule that it is best to quit while you are ahead!

If you wish Frigga to bless your home, light the candle in her honour and it invokes her, or you can offer her some grainy bread and mead.

Future world

Future world

Thanks to Professor Amit Goswami, quantum physics brings the knowledge of God and reveal the secret mysteries about which the spiritual world has known for many millennia. Of course, the professor Amit Goswami has many opponents among scientists who cannot even imagine the size of his thoughts that the way to scientific recognition of ancient secrets will probably be centuries old. But that’s not really our interest. Much more important in the understanding of what is coming, are the consequences of all (ancient) his communications. One of them is that only humans themselves, by their thoughts, their creative abilities, create the world as God.

Everyone defines what is going to be or not real in our world. And not only in this world. By the way – one of those consequences is for example the fact what happens after we die. Future world, Valhalla, Atlantis, Paradise or Abyss? Do you know what we should really regret? Christians invented hell – and a sin as a way into it. And because people are no angels, even the greatest saints sin. So we all know where the Christians will go after death. What about scientists, materialists, absolute atheists? I believe that their life will simply end in the place where they die. Their unshakable belief in nothingness that comes after death is their own choice. We can only regret them. Well, where are you going after you complete this cycle? How strongly do you believe in it? How do you live by it? Note that only this defines whether it will come true!

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The new mystical fanzin is here!

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Soul Migration

Soul Migration, The Grand Mystical Lodge

More and more often I meet foreigners from other countries in my neighbourhood. I ask them why they moved to a completely different and unknown country. Their answers are usually the same – they feel better and more natural here. They do not really have better wages or better living. They leave their families, background, and certainty. They travel to countries where they don‘t understand the language. All this just to be somewhere “where they feel more natural”. They simply return!

The Christian Church and also later science (notice how they attitudes regarding the freedom of others’ opinions are identical) forbid us to think about reincarnation – about souls travelling from body to body. What else leads people to pack their suitcases and travel for another life somewhere else? They are guided only by their intuition – an indescribable feeling that they do the right thing that they behave naturally.

Do we move to the places where we died? To the places of our past life? Do we wish to find our previous house or own grave? Is that actually possible? What about our families – would they accept us in a body of someone else? Would we become just a bother for them?

Probably, we may find answers to these questions in “the future” world…

Giant Castle

Giant Castle, The Grand Mystical Lodge

They call it the Giant castle. An ancient fortification on the top of a hill high about a kilometre above the sea level. According to science this castle was built by the Celts. Interestingly, science wasn’t able to find out a single shred of evidence of any settlement there. Therefore, the scientists developed a hypothesis that it was just a place of ritual. The thing is the Celts didn’t build such places, never mind building them on a top of a hill and all the hard work by fortifying them with h stone walls. People who know the Celtic‘s attitudes towards god worshipping, also had to have a big laugh about the scientific hypothesis. What should science do when legends say that the Giant castle is occupied by giants who throw stones down the hill? And what is worse – stones actually really do fall down from the hills. Big hundred-kilo boulders fall in a large amounts. According to the scientists it is the tourists causing the stones fall. Science can be sometimes really funny, but what they completely overlooked, as if it didn’t exist, are the small stone trolls which appear throughout the place. One decade ago there were none – I went through this place several times myself. Today, there are dozens of them. As if something has been slowly but surely coming to us…

The monolith of Gods

The monolith of Gods
A special stone formation located in the middle of the gorge of sandstone rocks. It is from an entirely different stone than the surrounding rocks. Originally it was located on the seabed, but today locates at the center of Europe. The surrounding rocks corrode very quickly and they disintegrate, but the monolith persists. It is said that when the stars are in a special position in the sky, the monolith will vibrate slightly. Some people argue that even it makes strange noise. Interestingly, the monolith doesn’t revive on the same day next year. As if among stars was still something more what we are not able to see. Many people believe that the stone sings when the eyes of the gods look at our planet.

Guild of Demonology

Guild of Demonology
From antiquity there are stories about strange individuals who bring exceptional knowledge and skills. Abilities that are beyond human understanding. Crafts, natural knowledge or talent to form odd shapes and signs, all conducted with such perfection that it borders with miracles. The Mother of Sins (Christian Church) out of fear that such knowledge can proceed to humans which will kill most of missionary privileges, have tagged all of these “gifts from elsewhere” as a manifestation of evil and devil. The Mother of Sins defined demonology in its initial form. And showed us which way to go …

Abnoba’s tears

Abnoba's tears

The ancient Celtic goddess Abnoba was the patron of fertility in a wider sense. However, only few know that one of her characteristics was a secret and carefully hidden jealousy. Today, we could ask why hide such a natural thing, but it is necessary to understand that we are talking about a characteristic, which was unnaturally imposed by Christianity. In the ancient period of the Celts the world was flowing with laws of nature and the fulfillment of female biological needs which was in first place in the life tasks of women. So it is not surprising that Abnoba knew quite well that something was wrong with her and because she was afraid that her strange disease could be passed to the Celt women who loved her as a goddess of fertility, she made a little magic with incalculable consequences. She divided her jealousy into small stone pearls and then she buried them deep in the woods in a very large area. Something very strange happened. The ground didn´t accept her pearls and mournful tears welled up in the places where she had hidden them. Today they are known as Abnoba’s tears. Springs that have great magical power. However, it was a slightly different power than the goddess had wished. It is said, that if you drink from that source it binds your heart with a magical power and you will never forget about it. Every time you remember you will feel a jealous stabbing pain in your heart.

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