Dreams (part II)

Dreams (part II)

It is interesting that our feelings from a dream are strongest right after waking up – what if we really do travel in to different dimensions, times or worlds during dreaming? Our physical body is dimmed, so it is possible that our soul travels somewhere else. Since we are unable to describe these other worlds and dimensions, we perceive them in to visions, places and objects that we know and can create in our minds. Therefore our dreams can be crazy and make no sense. However, maybe it is because our mind transfers perceptions from other dimensions in to “our” language and these perceptions don’t make sense because they are twisted after this translation.

Today there are a lot of books available from which we can read possible meanings of our dreams, but I think anybody can interpret their own dreams, at least from a general aspect. If we think over, identify and follow certain feelings from our dreams, it may lead to more or less success. While we wait to really find out what our dreams present, what their message is and why we have them, a lot of time can pass, but even then all of us can take messages from our dreams and apply them to our lives.

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Dreams (part I)

DREAMS (part I)

Everyone has dreams. Sometimes we have dreams which we can´t remember immediately after waking up, sometimes we remember these dreams for a whole day and sometimes, we carry strength or feelings from some of these dreams for a very long time within us.

Scientists claim, dreams are remains of our deeds and duties from the day that are left in our brain, or that our mind uses dreams to clean itself during sleep. However, all of us have had at least one dream that felt so realistic but at the same time had no connection to anything we had yet to experience in our lives.

Sometimes we can have prophetic dreams or dreams that are warning us of something. There are old books and herbariums referring to different plants that can induce such dreams or that can help achieve them if the person is in the proper mood. For example, a bay leaf placed under your pillow is said to induce prophetic dreams.

You can find this article in the new Illuminati Journal (06/2014): illuminati-journal.com

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