The day of the goddess Frigga

The day of the goddess Frigga

May 27 is a day dedicated to the goddess Frigga, who was the wise wife of Odin. She is a patron of the home and married women, she helps to maintain social order and watches over women’s magic. She is linked to nature and the cycle of life and death.

Give thanks to one of the great Mother Goddesses for the health of family, children and the whole tribe. Enjoy and rejoice in the beautiful spring weather and warmth. Celebrate the wonders of spring, a time full of love, life and joy.

During the current celebrations in honor of Frigga, people sacrifice mead, wine or beer, instead of the ritual killing of an animal. This event is a ritual family celebration, which takes place outdoors and consists of three parts – the consecration of the sacrifice, the offering of the sacrifice to the goddess, and the libation. Mistletoe or linden tree branches with berries are used for decoration.

Relatives and acquaintances, who participate in this occasion, renew bonds of friendship and loyalty. During the feast people drink the best mead, beer or apple cider. They eat ox or boar from the spit, bread, grain products, apples and other products of the earth. It adheres to the rule that it is best to quit while you are ahead!

If you wish Frigga to bless your home, light the candle in her honour and it invokes her, or you can offer her some grainy bread and mead.