Illuminati Journal 06/2014 [beltaine]

The new mystical fanzin is here!

Illuminati Journal no. 8 (06/2014) collects the work of our occult lodge for last month. By purchasing the magazine you support our work. Thank you. The Grand Mystical Lodge.

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Many people in the field of esotericism are very strong individualists. They know that I cannot relax in front of others, they would feel uncomfortable in a group, for example during an occult session or ceremonial rites. Certainly there is nothing strange about it. We are all different. Still – each of us feel the fear of being alone. Many people have opposed a barrier towards it – a wall in their psyche. But it is wrong. Any such a wall delay us from nature, from who we really are. But why do we feel the fear of being alone? From the image that by the end of our life we’ll sit abandoned, no one will remember us, no one will visit us …

It is an axiom that must be uttered! Loneliness is not a feeling of our body, our mind. Loneliness comes from the depths of the soul. Human was born as an individual, naked and alone. The soul came to us from a whole, which was part of the divine perfection. Loneliness is felt even by small children in the midst of dozens of others. Loneliness is felt by people surrounded by their family. Loneliness is felt by actors at the peak of their fame, in the middle of wealth and hundreds of fans. People rage from loneliness. They commit incomprehensible and horrible acts, because they do not understand the feeling. They feel, in spite of everything around them, unfulfilled. They take their lives and stop it. Just when they start to feel the creeping fear that the feeling of loneliness is approaching them. Loneliness is a state of mind, its song that it wants to be back a part of the beautiful and perfect whole from which it came. Loneliness is a feeling from God that we owe him something very rare!