Future world

Future world

Thanks to Professor Amit Goswami, quantum physics brings the knowledge of God and reveal the secret mysteries about which the spiritual world has known for many millennia. Of course, the professor Amit Goswami has many opponents among scientists who cannot even imagine the size of his thoughts that the way to scientific recognition of ancient secrets will probably be centuries old. But that’s not really our interest. Much more important in the understanding of what is coming, are the consequences of all (ancient) his communications. One of them is that only humans themselves, by their thoughts, their creative abilities, create the world as God.

Everyone defines what is going to be or not real in our world. And not only in this world. By the way – one of those consequences is for example the fact what happens after we die. Future world, Valhalla, Atlantis, Paradise or Abyss? Do you know what we should really regret? Christians invented hell – and a sin as a way into it. And because people are no angels, even the greatest saints sin. So we all know where the Christians will go after death. What about scientists, materialists, absolute atheists? I believe that their life will simply end in the place where they die. Their unshakable belief in nothingness that comes after death is their own choice. We can only regret them. Well, where are you going after you complete this cycle? How strongly do you believe in it? How do you live by it? Note that only this defines whether it will come true!

Illuminati Journal 05/2014 [ostara]

The new mystical fanzin is here!

Illuminati Journal no. 7 (05/2014) collects the work of our occult lodge for last month. By purchasing the magazine you support our work. Thank you. The Grand Mystical Lodge.

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Illuminati Journal 04/2014 [ostara]

The new mystical fanzin is here!

Illuminati Journal no. 6 (04/2014) collects the work of our occult lodge for last month. By purchasing the magazine you support our work. Thank you. The Grand Mystical Lodge.

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The Grandmaster Frantisek Kabelak

Frantisek Kabelak - The Grand Mystical Lodge Frantisek Kabelak - The Grand Mystical Lodge

Frantisek Kabelak (*1902 +1969)

One of the most outstanding personalities of the world’s esoteric scene. Kabelak could be specified as a maverick who was so hungry for knowledge that he sacrificed most of his time, often also his personal life to it.

Kabelak was born in a Czech family in Vienna, where he studied and also began his interest in esoteric science. During his studies he was already a member of the Magikon study circle. After graduation, similarly to other major esoterics, he was travelling around the world. He visited among others Africa, Asia and Southeast Europe. The purpose of this travelling was looking for esoteric culture which in many cases he managed to find. As he writes himself, in Palestine he was influenced by meeting with the Master of Kabbalah so much that for the rest of his life Kabbalah was the main focus of his study. However, despite that, Kabelak was very familiar with other esoteric disciplines such as practical magic, ceremonial magic, magic mirrors, psychometry, spagyrics, cabbalistic theurgy, clairvoyant magic and alchemy. At the same time he knew several foreign languages – English, Hebrew, Arabic, German, Polish, French, Coptic, Latin, and there are a few other cultures and languages in which he was interested – in some of his remarks there are words of the Tibetan and Indian languages, or also notes in Russian. As we can see, Kabelak really had an almost encyclopaedic knowledge and his range of knowledge was extraordinary.

After returning from his trips, Kabelak moved to Prague (1936). Here he very soon became a member of Universalie and due to his knowledge he was almost immediately involved in lecturing. He initiates the creation of a spagyric and alchemical laboratory. He also used it, because he was very interested in the manifestation of ideas in nature and he himself practiced Hermetic medicine, about which he wrote a comprehensive work entitled Herbarium spirituale siderium. Besides this work, Kabelak was very active in writing and during his membership in Universalie he published many works in the bottom edition of Eulis, and he also regularly contributed to the Logos membership magazine. He translated Faust’s Magic innaturalis which had apparently greatly influenced him during the course of his study in Vienna, as well as Magic Nigrae which he added with his own comments. He continued this way until the beginning of the war, when the activities of Universalie were forbidden.

Outside the already mentioned specializations, Kabelak was also actively interested in secret societies, especially Rosicrucians of which he had an extensive library. However, his wife sold it when he was travelling for a long time – although he was very upset about it, he began to build a new library. After the arrival of the Nazis in Prague it was destroyed by the Gestapo.

Kabelak’s activity during the Second World War has not been evidenced. Some sources mention that he was forced to work in a quarry. Unlike many of his colleagues he managed to survive the war.

After the war Kabelak closed into privacy, he moved away from Prague and studied alone. Later, during communism, when all the esoteric activities were prohibited, he moved to Becov. There at the edge of a forest he had a cottage, where he continued in individual studies and experiments. During this period he stayed in touch with a few friends from the esoteric community, he completely withdraw from the public scene. In this period Kabelak was diligently working on his manuscripts – Kabelak wrote many works, unfortunately, far from all survived. Many of the manuscripts were in a hold of Kabelak’s close friend, who unfortunately was later arrested by the secret police and his entire library, including Kabelak’s manuscripts was taken and destroyed. His sister managed to salvage something, but many valuable works were lost. The surviving works include 18 of his own works and translations.

He came back to the “public” scene in the 1960’s, when in Prague he secretly taught a small group of people. He created a whole cycle of educational lectures, from which, however, due to the totalitarianism, there was nothing left.

In his mid-70’s Kabelak was already seriously ill. He wanted to write an immense work, which would be a complete synthesis of his extensive knowledge and understanding. Eventually, he was able to realize only a third of his intentions … in September 1969 he died over half-written manuscripts – he was working right until the very end!

We believe that Frantisek Kabelak was Illuminati by heart and soul. He believed in another world – a world where the truth would be established, and the possibilities of spiritual knowledge would be limitless.

Frantisek Kabelak who has many successors, would be satisfied in today’s world of possibilities. We all live in their dreams. In dreams, in which they hoped and for which they fought for until their last breath.

We believe that you are following the way of our knowledge.

Thank you!

(c) GML

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Abnoba’s tears

Abnoba's tears

The ancient Celtic goddess Abnoba was the patron of fertility in a wider sense. However, only few know that one of her characteristics was a secret and carefully hidden jealousy. Today, we could ask why hide such a natural thing, but it is necessary to understand that we are talking about a characteristic, which was unnaturally imposed by Christianity. In the ancient period of the Celts the world was flowing with laws of nature and the fulfillment of female biological needs which was in first place in the life tasks of women. So it is not surprising that Abnoba knew quite well that something was wrong with her and because she was afraid that her strange disease could be passed to the Celt women who loved her as a goddess of fertility, she made a little magic with incalculable consequences. She divided her jealousy into small stone pearls and then she buried them deep in the woods in a very large area. Something very strange happened. The ground didn´t accept her pearls and mournful tears welled up in the places where she had hidden them. Today they are known as Abnoba’s tears. Springs that have great magical power. However, it was a slightly different power than the goddess had wished. It is said, that if you drink from that source it binds your heart with a magical power and you will never forget about it. Every time you remember you will feel a jealous stabbing pain in your heart.

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BifroGrimoire Lakatron tells the story about a Necromant who outwitted time and became a master of many people’s fate. He came from a desert settlement of ancient Babylonia and his love was great arthropods. Especially scorpions and spiders. He experimented with their poisons and brewed repulsive potions from spider cocoons. Then he tested the poisons on pilgrims who visited the well in his native village. However, as he started the aging process he began to get a horrible feeling that he wouldn´t manage to perfect his efforts and was overcome with panic. With several creepy and perverted experiments he was able to find his way to Death. Not the one that naturally follows humans from birth but to Death as to the basic principle of nature and the universe. It is written that the Death noticed the strange Necromant itself and became impressed by him. Eventually they drew up a contract together which said that the Necromant will be able to go step by step beside her and thus becomes the master of his own time which he overtakes and escapes forever. He became immortal and received infinite days to deepen his curious taste. His name is Bifro and nowadays mages summon him and ask him for help, because he knows almost everything about death as well as all the important things between heaven and earth. Nevertheless his soul is afflicted with a strange sadness. Sometimes you can find him wandering along cemeteries and lighting candles on graves. He looks like a very sad and decrepit old man, though mages see him as much more scary …

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Do you believe in the history of your country? Do you believe in history as a complex?
History was always written by winners. Idealists, philosophers, politicians. A few innocent sentences with splendid content can sanctify mass murder, lies or manipulation with crowds. This is not some kind of modern mania, but a skill improved to perfection through thousands of years during our history. In ancient Rome it was improved almost to perfection. Since then the tools and resources might have changed but it’s still the same principle. And the truth? Where can we find the truth today? Let just say without a fear that we do not live in it! We live in an alternate universe of will and power. But why should we be frightened of that?!



The celebration of abundance and fertility of Agape was a common part of the year in the ancient Roman Empire. Even early Christians worship the day but then it was suddenly banned as a instrument of the devil. Instead they started to circumcise their sons following the example of the Jews – soon after they quickly forgot that idea and granted the right to murder Jews with impunity. Today, the Church of Christ is trying in every possible way to integrate aboriginal traditions into their philosophical concept of trumped religion. Apparently, this to show us how modern and mature they are. But that is just LIES. Agape has always been a celebration of the natural love to one God, who gives us fruits, freedom and beautiful women to admire. Anything sanctified is just a human disease.