Signs around us

Signs around us

Are you aware of the various signs and strange phenomenon in your life that runs all around? Someone counts numbers like mad and tries to intuit future things from them. Most of these people fail to meet the chance that they will guess things correctly. They see a price tag in a shop window, add the numbers, convert them over to the Kabbalistic table into the meanings and they are clear – they expect the consequences of inevitable event. It is strange that none of these people read the basic Kabbalistic Writings – Torah, where God clearly says: “Do not count the numbers, do not look at the stars, the future is not clear.”

There are also people who meet signs that are literally amazing. They look 5x a day at a watch and there are 5x mystical numbers like 11:11, 06:06, etc. Usually they just whistle in amazement and do not count or seek anything in the wise books to find out what it means.

And then there are people who experience such phenomena and signs that they are literally incredible. They have a “Deja vu” almost every day. It is so regular for them that they can count on it. They are not just astonished witnesses of this phenomenon. Due to the fact that they have in mind the end of events, consciously and timely they prevent their end. It takes only a little bit – not to make a step into the road, bow head in front of conflict, turn around and go another way. And again, these are people who do not even know what numeric or Kabbalah are.

I dare to say that the ability to understand must be given to a person in a completely different way, other than by our effort to aggressively enforce it by tricks. All we can do is adapt our personality, to the extent that we able to listen, and the wisdom will come to us by itself as understanding of the obvious things; as a gift from the vault of heaven. The real wisdom – not the fancied one in a humans head. And we will certainly not include this wisdom in a book for others, because we will understand immediately that all readers will miss that basis for the understanding of these things and it simply will not work for them. It cann