Illuminati Journal 07/2014 [midsummer]

The new mystical fanzin is here!

Illuminati Journal no. 9 (07/2014) collects the work of our occult lodge for last month. By purchasing the magazine you support our work. Thank you. The Grand Mystical Lodge.

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Do you believe in the power of relics? In the things with supernatural power? With a huge spiritual value or even transcendent power? Due to the hunt for relics, the worst atrocities have been carried out. Murders, torture, genocide. And why? – If the power of the relics really exists, we can safely say that it has brought only evil into the world. And this result is quite debatable. Or perhaps we could say that only a human in his greed is capable of doing these atrocities and the relics themselves cannot be blamed for anything? What is their significance then? Were the ancient Templars protected by plundered relics from destruction of their order? Did the destiny lance bring the coveted immortality and invincibility to Adolf Hitler? Maybe the problem is somewhere else – perhaps it is that the relics are vitally stolen from places where they naturally belong and from people to whom they were given for a purpose. And so they execute their curses on us – the thieves of the modern era.