Ritual Sacrifices



Lughnasadh is the next of the most important Celtic festivals, which is celebrated on August 1st. This festival marks the beginning of the harvest, celebrates the abundance of nature and the generosity of Mother Earth.

Celebrations can hold on high hills, at sacred trees and wells or at other important natural formations. During Lughnasadh people invoke and worship the Pagan divinities and ask them to protect ripening crops.

It is a time of races, horse races, dances and various contests of strenght and skill. It is a good time for weddings.

To honor the harvest is baked pie from berries.

Animal Ritual Sacrifices

post Animal Ritual Sacrifices, The Grand Mystical Lodge
What is your opinion about the ritual sacrifice of animals? Do you think that they are just a part of some primitive history, completely useless at these times? We are so much more civilized! – But what if we take a look at it differently? Death and fear of death are terms which were imposed to our world by Christianity. A lie concealing the natural order. All ancient cultures – Vikings, Celts, Aztecs, Hebrews etc. – perceived death quite differently. It was a part of the endless cycle of life. It was even perceived as a completion of one cycle. To die in a battle, on a stormy sea, during a hunt or in the sacrificial place (people used to be routinely sacrificed) was an honour for every bloodline! Every god of that time required blood. Rituals were full of ecstatic states, huge fireplaces and blood. But the truth is only one – with our current civilized behaviour we only fulfil the wish of the Christian Church – which ironically in wars shed in the most blood of all. And the saddest is – at the request of a false god. The whole thing was pointless as the best Tokay wine spilled into waste channel. A mixture of things which we try not to ignore.