The ancient ritual of the Sun

The ancient ritual of the Sun

It is a ritual as old as humanity itself. A ritual, which was formed at a time when the fireball above the sky in the east was the vital eye of the one and most powerful god. The world was at the time very easy, simple and natural. People worshiped the Sun at sunrise and sunset. They were reaching out their arms, as a child would do to its mother. At the time, the first thoughts of timeless reasoning and abstract expression were created. Also the first and oldest mandala of the world was established – pentagram. Not pentagram with one point upward and two downward – it is a rigid state of a person who stands astride, arms outstretched, awaiting their fate. In ancient times, people saw their characters in the red sunsetting disc of Sun as a pentagram with two points in an upward direction and one downward. Two legs tightly together, same as angels are depicted, at one point hands apart, stretched, proving the victims of life-giving energy, and at another point hands erected to the heavens as a universal sign of reverence. Then we were “only” the Children of the Sun. The Sun gave us the opportunity to grow up until today, when we have almost forgotten everything valuable and when everything is difficult for us.

Well, how about starting the coveted “big change” of the new world by respecting natural things of ancient times and at least once in a while welcome the Sun with a small ritual gesture that may seem ridiculous, silly nowadays but it has always been firmly fixed in our history through thousands and thousands of years. And, it certainly has a great importance in everyone’s heart!

You can find this article in the new Illuminati Journal (06/2014): illuminati-journal.com

Experimental occult ritual – the Santo demon

On the 23rd of January 2014, a unique experiment of the Santo demon ritual evocation was held in the heart of Europe at The Grand Mystical Lodge. The operation lasted from 5:00 pm until 10:00 pm.

It was attended by five senior members of the lodge and at the end of the operation the very head of our order came to support us. A total of five men and one woman (the Head of our order is a woman). The average age of the participants is 30 years.

 The operation consisted of several separate works:

1) creation of a complex magical lamen – sigil – by an automatic drawing
2) the development of a dense smoke medium in an enclosed ritual glass jug
3) fire ritual associated with the demon lamen
4) releasing the smoke medium and analysis of the imprint left on the glass

You can view the results with us:

– The spontaneous automatic drawing of the lamen (sigil, character) took a few hours. During this operation, we had various discussions, on the table were candles lit and smouldering pieces of sandalwood.

Experimental occult ritual - the Santo demon

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