Illuminati Journal 08/2014 [midsummer]

The new mystical fanzin is here!

Illuminati Journal no. 10 (08/2014) collects the work of our occult lodge for last month. By purchasing the magazine you support our work. Thank you. The Grand Mystical Lodge.

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Guard your secrets!

Guard your secrets!

Science writes astronomical amounts for those who are convinced of the existence of the supernatural. But what is actually the true meaning of these deliberately provocative offers?

Already in the early years of the 20th century, devices that are supposed to help uncover the world beyond material existence, began to construct. Sophisticated recording technology is produced, special photographic processes are used. The mystical Horev club experimented the most with these inventions. It was a club which combined several strange factors. For example, it was a specific emulsion for coating photographic plates, special lenses filters, of course there was also the timing of exact astral time and very debilitating preparation of people, who participated evocations and ancillary works, was common. The results were really unique – photos of a human aura, spherical creatures, spiritual existence, or even a kind of “window” through the gap of time and matter. Such experiments were carried out and are still carried out in many occult lodges, completely out of the public eye, even outside access of ordinary members. You will never see books, propositions, publications from this experimental activity. We could say that the world is ready to accept such things – but the opposite is true. Nowadays, keeping secrets is much more important than it has ever been. And the reasons? Just look at what is happening with all alternative treatments and medications. If multinational pharmaceutical corporations cannot grab them for themselves, they will be outlawed through political lobbying. This is the work of official science. What cannot be monetised by science itself, controlled or at least heavily taxed, will not exist in the world at all!

So if you find any secrets – treasure it! Rudely and selfishly keep it to yourself. Without any remorse, without shame! That’s the only way it will survive and will accompany you to the end of life.

Guarded Secrets

post Guarded Secrets

The world is incredibly unfair. A fool will tell you everything they have in their perfect mind. On the other hand a wise man will tell you only a little bit and then remains rather silent. Books are full of wisdom which is entirely dysfunctional. The Orders hide impregnable mystical secrets. When Romans hurtled through the world, thousand years old Chaldean oracles faced the most difficult question of their existence – how to hide ancient secrets? One of the high priests came up with a perfect idea: “Spill them amongst mankind as if a bucket of water is spilled into the Nile River”. Then the priests of the old gods took off their ceremonial robes and infiltrated among people. Not to spread or guard the secrets but to grow crops, build a house, start a family. The world has become perfect.