Soul Migration

Soul Migration, The Grand Mystical Lodge

More and more often I meet foreigners from other countries in my neighbourhood. I ask them why they moved to a completely different and unknown country. Their answers are usually the same – they feel better and more natural here. They do not really have better wages or better living. They leave their families, background, and certainty. They travel to countries where they don‘t understand the language. All this just to be somewhere “where they feel more natural”. They simply return!

The Christian Church and also later science (notice how they attitudes regarding the freedom of others’ opinions are identical) forbid us to think about reincarnation – about souls travelling from body to body. What else leads people to pack their suitcases and travel for another life somewhere else? They are guided only by their intuition – an indescribable feeling that they do the right thing that they behave naturally.

Do we move to the places where we died? To the places of our past life? Do we wish to find our previous house or own grave? Is that actually possible? What about our families – would they accept us in a body of someone else? Would we become just a bother for them?

Probably, we may find answers to these questions in “the future” world…