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Mysterious symbols in castles

Mysterious symbols in castles

Strange stones with mysterious symbols are located on many castles from the times of medieval Europe. Academic science for a blind and stupid human herd created an explanation that they are numbered stones so the builders knew where they belonged. Apparently this system is also used today during reconstructions. Oh yes – science is a science so stupid unintelligent people who were sitting at schools half of their lives, can be put aside. Science in this case does not answer why a builder would number ten stones from all over the castle, unrelated to one area and yet in such a strange style which is worthy of secret mystical alphabet. Moreover, this mysterious fact is found only sometimes and sometimes not. However, more interestingly, is the finding that these castles were visited by mystic scholars during their history, such as Edward Kelley and John Dee. That’s a much more impressive clue to solving the mystery. However, what these scholars intended to mark in the castles? Places of some phenomena? Earth chakras? Or was it magical talismans for protection? Or perhaps we can go even further and state that the symbols and these kinds of clues were left by the descendants of scattered Templar? That’s something we will probably never know. Until the same great and infallible science refuses to let us into medieval archives and materials from which science itself creates this amusing nonsense. But … what would be left of science without it?