Illuminati Journal 04/2014 [ostara]

The new mystical fanzin is here!

Illuminati Journal no. 6 (04/2014) collects the work of our occult lodge for last month. By purchasing the magazine you support our work. Thank you. The Grand Mystical Lodge.

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The Secret of Life

 post The Secret of Life, The Grand Mystical Lodge

All over the world we can find mysterious stone menhirs, statues and pillars. They appear in traditions and stories which speak about them as living things. The Jewish Rabbis knew the secret of how to revive a stone to serve them, of which there is quite a lot of evidence. The Jewish tradition has maintained in the Gemara book warning against “Jadaa” a plant which wandered through a desert, by its size and shape it resembled a human and was very dangerous. Kabbalah describes these “creatures” as living creatures through “Ruach haadama” – Breath of the Ground. While a human lives thanks to the Breath of God. Even pagan traditions speak about trees, old stumps or stone menhirs as if they were something alive, something that is worthy of respect and understanding. Nowadays it may look weird because for us they are just cold stones that emit a special energy. Science examined one of the great menhirs in our region in Europe and found out that at the time of the solstice the magnetic field around this stone is changing. But it lacks the magic – the connection with the power from elsewhere, the present manifest of the God! The world which was here and which will be here again, will be full of magic, full of strange creatures and gods. It will certainly be very interesting. The question is, where will human beings belong in all of this? What will happen to humans?

Illuminati Journal 03/2014 [imbolc]

The new mystical fanzin is here! Illuminati Journal no. 5 (03/2014) collects the work of our occult lodge for last month. By purchasing the magazine you support our work. Thank you. The Grand Mystical Lodge.

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cats - The Grand Mystical Lodge

Cats have been among people for thousands of years. But they were viewed differently in the past. Most famous is Egypt – cats were treated almost like a goddess, because they were considered as helpers of the Bastet goddess who was displayed with a cat’s head. It was quite similar (and still is) for Islam. Mohammed was accompanied by a cat called Muezza – she supposedly save his life and even today, cats are only animal considered as “clean” in Islam. But it was completely different in Christianity during witch trials – cat was considered as a companion of the devil and they were ordinarily burned along with “witches” or even alone. During that period, cats were almost exterminated throughout Europe.

And to this day there are many rumours concerning cats – they can bring happiness to a home, luck, (but also bad luck when they cross your path – in some places it is a black cat, in other places a white cat), they can sense energy zones or even take over a disease from their owners…

Do you have any interesting story regarding cats? Please tell us!

Imbolc 1st – 2nd February


Imbolc is a very important feast. The goddess Brigit comes back to people and gives them strength for the New Year. Let’s not forget that Celts, same as the Jews and other ancient cultures do not have a clearly defined beginning and end of the year. Such thinking was imposed to us by artificially created Christianity. Within old cultures, we could talk about several beginnings of important periods in the annual cycle of the planet.  The feast of Imbolc is one of those beginnings. With the advent of Brigit, nature awakens. Every living creature has a duty to honour the arrival of the goddess, whether it ´s the birds in the trees, deer in the woods or beasts in their lairs. Humans honoured her arrival by the ritual of “First tillage”. This tillage was performed by the “king” of the village. He harnessed white horses or oxen and plowed the first furrow into which people put in their various small items as gifts. At this time, druids also walked around the forests and checked the status of their wells. Everybody began with cleaning and preparation for the new season, when it was necessary to plant, nurture and harvest. Today we do not live as our ancestors did. Although the feast of Imbolc is equally important for us. It shows us the basic principles of the order of natural. The only moral principle of nature, where there are no false pretences and it cannot be doubted. The cycle of birth, work, fruits and death, after which in the entire universe the beginning of a new cycle follows. Let’s honour these principles on the feast of Imbolc, which are the highest and only God of every elementary particles of a matter, which indiscriminately constitute the entire universe.

The Black Mass

The Black Mass

Human perversity or return to the nature of man? Devil worship or devil manifestation in each of us? What do you choose? Voluntary satisfaction of the devil or suppression? Suppression until the moment when it explode with anger and commit evil with help of our hands on others? Did you know that the worst manifestations of evil took place inside the walls of monasteries and abbeys? So in places where human was completely silenced in his naturalness and established artificial sacrament order. Exploding so suddenly and so easily. Any gilded icon has not been able to avoid expression of evil. Conversely ….

Abnoba’s tears

Abnoba's tears

The ancient Celtic goddess Abnoba was the patron of fertility in a wider sense. However, only few know that one of her characteristics was a secret and carefully hidden jealousy. Today, we could ask why hide such a natural thing, but it is necessary to understand that we are talking about a characteristic, which was unnaturally imposed by Christianity. In the ancient period of the Celts the world was flowing with laws of nature and the fulfillment of female biological needs which was in first place in the life tasks of women. So it is not surprising that Abnoba knew quite well that something was wrong with her and because she was afraid that her strange disease could be passed to the Celt women who loved her as a goddess of fertility, she made a little magic with incalculable consequences. She divided her jealousy into small stone pearls and then she buried them deep in the woods in a very large area. Something very strange happened. The ground didn´t accept her pearls and mournful tears welled up in the places where she had hidden them. Today they are known as Abnoba’s tears. Springs that have great magical power. However, it was a slightly different power than the goddess had wished. It is said, that if you drink from that source it binds your heart with a magical power and you will never forget about it. Every time you remember you will feel a jealous stabbing pain in your heart.

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BifroGrimoire Lakatron tells the story about a Necromant who outwitted time and became a master of many people’s fate. He came from a desert settlement of ancient Babylonia and his love was great arthropods. Especially scorpions and spiders. He experimented with their poisons and brewed repulsive potions from spider cocoons. Then he tested the poisons on pilgrims who visited the well in his native village. However, as he started the aging process he began to get a horrible feeling that he wouldn´t manage to perfect his efforts and was overcome with panic. With several creepy and perverted experiments he was able to find his way to Death. Not the one that naturally follows humans from birth but to Death as to the basic principle of nature and the universe. It is written that the Death noticed the strange Necromant itself and became impressed by him. Eventually they drew up a contract together which said that the Necromant will be able to go step by step beside her and thus becomes the master of his own time which he overtakes and escapes forever. He became immortal and received infinite days to deepen his curious taste. His name is Bifro and nowadays mages summon him and ask him for help, because he knows almost everything about death as well as all the important things between heaven and earth. Nevertheless his soul is afflicted with a strange sadness. Sometimes you can find him wandering along cemeteries and lighting candles on graves. He looks like a very sad and decrepit old man, though mages see him as much more scary …

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The animal in us

Each of us is attracted by a different animal. Some, by their loyal dog, dumb fish, beautiful parrot, hairy spider, weird stick insect. But someone chooses a beast from which they can feel a resistance, freedom, danger. Our behaviour and things surrounding us tell a lot about ourselves. Think about it and never forget it!

The animal in us